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Residential Interior Design

ELSA GOMEZ CREATION makes personalized interior design services accessible to all budgets, for all types of renovations or construction.

Starting fresh with a new design and updated style is a wonderful way to reinvent your interior. Important and sentimental existing pieces can look inspired when integrated into a new look. Incorporate new colors, key accessories and choose comfortable, classic furniture that will offer style, function and durability for years to come.

Home Staging & Property Styling

We will re-invent any property to allure the right target market and succeed in settling for a premium property price. Our services cover all aspects of home staging and styling including, trends, suppliers, furniture rentals, photography, minor & major repairs, networking, marketing & useful resources.

Space Planning

Create order and properly locate furniture and create flow within your home. We will measure and then create plans to assist in your space planning or building projects.


Renovation is a powerful way to really change your home and actually design it to fit your needs and ideal vision of what home should be. At some point in a house’s life cycle, it needs upgraded or at least refreshed, to not only improve its function and technological interface, it also requires this for flow, comfort and ultimately market value. We can help design the concept, materials and finishing for your renovation plans.

Kitchen & Bathroom

Everything from planning, fittings and finishes through to materials, current trends and expert tips we take care of the project to your full satisfaction.

Other services

  • Fabrics, Window Treatments and Home Textiles
  • Finishes – Surfaces of the Envelope – Floors, Walls, Ceilings
  • Color – The Most Potent and Flexible Element of Design
  • Light and Lighting
  • Furniture Art and Accessories
  • Rugs and flooring colors and dimensions
  • Accessories and staging placement suggestions
  • Built-ins